Membership Committee. 

The Membership Committee considers and passes upon all matters pertaining to the election of members and may make recommendations to the Board of Directors relative to the location of, the number, the method of selection of all members and the termination of the membership of any member and the amount of dues to be paid by any member or members.

  • Frank X. Neuner, Jr., Chair
  • Kenneth Young
  • William Johnston
  • Palmer G. Vance, II
  • Barbara Howard

International Committee.

Discusses issues related to the international law, international organizations and legislative systems of other countries.

  • Brett Harrison, Vice Chair
  • Bernard Amyot
  • Gavin Foggo

Nominations Committee. 

Reports at the annual meeting its nominations for President-Elect, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Board of Directors. 

  • Bernard Amyot, Chair
  • Livia Barndollar
  • Timothy L. Bertschy
  • James K. Dorsett, III
  • Gavin Foggo
  • Wesley W. Horton
  • Keith B. McLennan

Sponsorship Committee.

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for the overall coordination of soliciting sponsorships for the Association and its activities, including the Annual and Mid-Year Meetings.

  • J. Howard Daniel, Chair
  • Jim Dorsett, Vice Chair
  • Doug McCoy
  • Timothy Bertschy
  • William D. Johnston
  • Palmer G. Vance
  • Ken Young

Scholarship Committee.

Selects candidates and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for the awarding of scholarships by the Association to law students who have demonstrated aptitude, achievement, public service, financial need, and commitment to the study of law and the legal profession.

  • Wesley W. Horton, Chair
  • Livia Barndollar
  • Rosemary Giuliano
  • Charles English

Endowment Committee. 

Generates funds for the support of law-related public service, and scholarships by building and sponsoring programs for the legal profession that encourage charitable giving.

  • Stanley J. Cohn, Chair
  • Tom Bolt

Communications Committee. 

Responsible for all print, and electronic media, establishes standards for the publications, publicizes programs and initiatives, oversees website content, and maximizes the use of ACA resources for media and public relations. 

  • Timothy Bertschy, Chair
  • Livia Barndollar, Vice Chair
  • James Myrick
  • Brad Gallant

Bylaws Review Committee.

The Bylaw Committee conducts a continuous review and analysis of the ACA Bylaws and recommend and present to the Officers and Board any such changes by amendment, addition or deletion, as it is deemed necessary and desirable. 

  • William D. Johnston, Convener/Facilitator
  • Ashley Belleau
  • Denise Seastone Kraft
  • Keith B. McLennan
  • Frank X. Neuner, Jr.