DEADLINE:  November 15, 2018

Your membership provides you professional and personal growth which helps advance your career.  Your membership also provides:
    • Inclusion in the ACA Membership Directory for referral opportunities;
    • The ability to exchange information and get to know other members in the legal field by attending our two meeting events each year;
    • Participation in a personal interest Committee providing you with additional opportunities to network with other professionals as well as participation in programming sessions that enhance your skill set and serving your personal growth;
    • Enhancing your network of legal professionals across the globe;
    • Affiliation with the European Circuit of the Bar as well as many other benefits.

These are just a few of the benefits you receive as a member of one of the oldest associations of independent law firms in the world!

The ACA was formed for the purpose of enhancing standards of practice, aiding deserving law students, and providing a social and business network for its distinguished members.

Make sure you are part of that mission by renewing your membership today!  Click here for renewal forms which can be electronically completed.